Here's a small sampling of the communities we've worked with over the years

St. Herman Church

King Cove, AK

Christ the Savior Church

Chicago, IL

I am very grateful for Constantine’s work on our bell tower.  We had previously mounted and tied ropes to our bells according to some photos we had seen.  They were not easy to play.  After Constantine’s initial assessment, we realized that they were not set up for optimal performance. Constantine remounted and ran proper cabling. He then taught several members of our parish, including some children, the proper way to play the bells. Constantine is professional and knowledgeable with not only installation and the typikon of bellringing, but is a competent teacher as well.
— Archpriest John Baker, Rector

Saint Anne Church

Corvallis, OR

“For years, ringing a simple peal on our bells required 3 people. On Sunday, we often struggled to find 3 people who could ring together harmoniously. On Saturday evenings, usually one person was available, so we could only toll at the start. The bell ringers did their best, of course, but finding enough people to create a beautiful, synchronized peal was hard. If bell ringers were absent and people who didn't have as much experience were pulled in to be the 2nd or 3rd person, it sounded disjointed and uncoordinated.

I didn't know anything different, but it was still frustrating at times, and I had a feeling the bells were capable of so much more. When I visited a parish that had hired New Creation Bellringing and saw their system I saw what the bells were capable of during a service and was thrilled.

After Constantine came to install the ringing system for our bells, one person was able to ring an entire peal through the use of carefully strung cables, a handle, and a foot pedal. It has meant we can now ring out a joyful festal peal on weekday feasts if only one bell ringer is able to attend. In the past, those feast day bells were more or less quiet. For a feast!

St Anne bells

A married couple who live far up on a hill beyond our church building shared with me once that they come outside on Sunday mornings to sit and listen to our bells. I think of them, and anyone else who might hear as they drive by or get their coffee. I remember the purpose of our Orthodox bells is not as much for the parishioners inside the building, as it is an outward expression to the outside world. We possess such a great joy in Christ—let it be known!

Kendra Meshnik, Bellringing Ministry Leader


holy Ascension church

Sacramento, CA


St. Andrew church

Riverside, CA


St. John Chrysostom Church

House Springs, MO


St. Tikhon Monastery

Waymart, PA